У нас новости!!! мы вернулись с чемпионата Мира в Финляндии.

Скиппер и Ален - ЮНЫЕ ЧЕМПИОНЫ МИРА! Больше инфо тут




Saint Petersburg. I like to be in this city. As soon as we approach, I'm arranged more conveniently and look, and look... I like very much the embankment, Neva dressed in a granite, flying above Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral an angel, white clouds reflected in the river, gold dome St. Isaac's Cathedral on a background of grey northern sky. I' m simply obedient beauty of Saint Petersburg, I very much love this city. And here somehow I'v thought, that anything I, actually, don't know about mine (I can so to name Saint Petersburg, in fact I very much love it) city. It was necessary to rummage a little on book shelfs, and that I have have found out.
And now a little history about "my" city. Very long time ago, on a place where the river - Neva runs into Gulf of Finland, when people lived. By the way, to tell you, Neva in the mouth is broken into sleeves and forms islands. Before construction of city of them was 147, now - 42. I think, that superfluous fell asleep, and that, represent, how many it should to build new bridges. Baltic sea which part is Gulf of Finland- cold. In the winter at coast ice is formed. In severe winters thickness of it happens one meter. But I and my
Pilot like both the cold sea, and a snow on coast and even that during autumn time for the sea frequently are a storm and fogs. We always love our sea! Water in the sea smale smalty as many rivers carry here the fresh waters and drops out many rains. Water  in  the  sea not so transparent, its color yellow - green, at coast

happens brown. But to swim for a while in such water - one pleasure. Gulf of Finland - fine, a bottom its rough. In a gulf it is a lot of banks and islands. Directly splash pool any for puppies.

That part of Gulf of Finland which near to Saint Petersburg, people is named «marquises pool». It is connected to a name of Marquis De Travese. It was once sea minister in Russia, but he didn't love the see and was afraid its. Not always Russia carried with ministers, it happened also such. And so, during his management of fleet Russian court further Gulf of Finland were not sent. From here and the playful name - «Marquises pool».
These grounds many times passed from hands in hands they were Swedish, they were Russian. Even Alexander Nevsky here was at war with Swedes, here and the name has received - Nevsky. And different peoples lived there: both Russian, and Swedes, and Finns, both Vepsy, and Ijory. More 400 years ago the ambassador of one of unsuccessful for Russia of wars the mouth of Neva has departed to Swedes. They even a fortress there have constructed Nienschans. It proceeded 100 years. But there has come {stepped} time when Tsar in Russia became Peter the first. He understood, how the outlet to the sea is important for the country, therefore began from Sweden the next war for these places. This struggle was heavy. After the first victories sovereign Peter A. Romanov - Peter the Great - has put in pawn city on a coast of Neva which has named Saint Petersburg. Only don't think, that Tsar has named city in the honour - anything similar. Our city carries a name  of  a  guardian  angel of tsar  -  sacred apostle Peter. And name

Peter means "stone" - so Tsar has as though put in pawn a corner stone of the state when has based this city.

And know, why he's named on foreign manners? Because, as against ancient Moscow, Peter has decided to put in pawn the European capital of Russia and the name to emphasize, that European city.
First of all on the Harel island the Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral has been constructed. Date of its basis - on May, 27 (16), 1703 - is considered Birthday of our city. In the Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral since Peter's times there was a prison where dangerous criminals contained. Now there - a museum, and still a mint where make anniversary coins, awards, badges.
Every day from walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress the gun beats. It means, that there has midday come. The gun shot and at Peter - at an evening and morning dawn, marking rise and release of a flag. And still informed on flooding and convoked on a visit to Peter. In the center of a fortress there is a cathedral in the name of sacred apostles Peter and Paul - a tomb of majestic governors of Russia. The Peter and Paul cathedral is topped with a high spike on which top the windvane as a flying gilded angel with a cross in hands is located. The angel soars in heavens above city and tries to protect it from misfortunes.
And now I invite you on excursion in my favourite places of Saint Petersburg. That you didn't miss, our
Pilot has agreed to work as model. But even the lovely beauty of the Pilot could not eclipse magnificence of great city. Look and enjoy!

Embankment. It would be possible to grow fond of Saint -Petersburg only for one embankments. I, already, spoke, that St.-Petersburg is located on islands. Through all rivers, rivulets, channels construct the bridges, bridges and big briges. Them, in our city from above 300. All embankments guard a granite also are decorated with a lace of lattices. To water conduct granite steps or simply flat releases. Embankments also are decorated. On University embankments sphynxes have stiffened. They are real! I tell the truth to you, the truth! Do you know how many it of years? Three and a half of thousand! And on this place they stand almost 170 years. Them have brought from Egypt in 1832 and have established here, on embankments. Since then they guard our city. And still there are sphynxes on the Egyptian bridge. And do you know how much we have the lions! Directly lion's city! Both on embankments and on bridges, there even with wings is (the Bank bridge). On the Admiralty embankments play balls enormous terrible lions. Try select at such a ball. Something wouldn't be desirable me. And on Peter embankments in general any not clear animals, its name is Shi-tsza. But they a little more on lions are similar too.
And, as how it is pleasant to sit on warm granite steps under protection of these unprecedented animals, to look at waves are broken about a parapet, and to listen as shout the seagull. And what kind on other side of Neva! It - simply music in a stone! I would tell - Mozart! Can believe me, I hear Mozart when I look at Saint Petersburg!

The bronze horseman. For works on benefit of Russia the monument Peter the Great which name the Bronze horseman has been put. The mighty horseman extends a hand above the capital. And under hoofs at a horse - the snake. This allegory or allegory: so in language of a sculpture it is designated, that Peter the first has crushed all enemies of Russia. Peter such beautiful, in a raincoat and a wreath laurel on a head. A horse stay on to rear has lifted - is not afraid on the edge of a rock. And have noticed what pedestal at a monument? he is cut from the Thunder - stone. It was the whole rock which have found in Lahta and with huge works have transported to Petersburg. O-o-oh! It was the whole history!
The statue was created by ingenious French sculptor Etjen Falkone in days of tsarina Ekaterina the grate. By the way she and has thought up an inscription: «PETRO primo - CATHARINA sekunda». That means: «Peter the Great - Ekaterina the second». She still can be interpreted and so: «Peter the Great - Ekaterina the subsequent» because it was very important for empress to prove, that she stalwart on Peter. Yes, perhaps, she is all life has proved. But it, certainly, my modest dog opinion.

The palace square. The palace square, perhaps, is one of the most most beautiful squares of the world. I, certainly, itself didn't see, but so speak. it is near to Admiralty. Here, opposite the Winter palace and a building of the General staff - products of the most famous architects each other stand. It is difficult to not notice, how they are not similar against each other.
The winter palace was under construction in days of when Russia only won a place among the strong and rich states of Europe, therefore it the shape has been called to emphasize riches and greatness of our country. The building of the General staff is constructed when Russia has already proved the military power, became mighty power.
In the center of the square stands the Triumphal column. This column was will erect in honour of a victory in 1812 of Russia over war with France. Where start to understand all greatness of the Native land!

St. Isaac's Cathedral. Dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the most important cathedral of Saint Petersburg, is well seen from any point of city. It is the largest cathedral of Saint Petersburg. On this place Peter the Great has constructed wooden St. Isaac's church which have reconstructed in stone. But it all the same has then burned down. Ekaterina II has decided it to restore, its business was continued by Paul I, then Alexander I and has finished Nikolay I. It just an example of one of Russian long-term constructions! From a colonnade of a cathedral the magnificent kind to Saint Petersburg opens. But to look this kind of me have not let. Awful injustice! But I have found what remarkable green lawn beside! And the kind from here is not worse! Very pleasantly to roll about on cool grace in the hot summer.

I tell you many more about Saint Petersburg. About Admiralty and its well-known ship, about the Winter palace and a museum the Hermitage. Certainly, I there didn't go, but to me told, and I read books. About other museums and palaces of my favourite city. And the white nights!!! This simply unforgettable show for those who saw. If it is interesting to you, I with pleasure shall continue. Write me!!!

photos by Victor Petrakov

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