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«The new small pleasure has lodged In our house», - so mum about Fanya has told. And she has very precisely noticed. Fanya at us new brand, small and very joyful! All of us is fast to her have got used. But behind her eye, yes an eye is necessary. She phone will drop that, than roll the ball under a table to Bina. Certainly that is not pleasant to Bina. But Fanya, on such nonsenses attention doesn't pay. Old men, as a point of view Fanya, always grumble.
And what ours
Fanya cheerful. Her tail always wags, she doesn't get tired to be pleased lives. Here she recently has thought up new entertainment: will climb on a sofa and from all I'll run up jumps on somebody from us. More often it happens the Pilot. Fanya loves him most of all. Imagine yourself Pilot lays, lays, nobody touches. And suddenly on him from above joyful Fenya falls. Imagine a condition of Pilot? But he suffers courageously all. «Have fun the child» - refers he. But when this child absolutely will drive Pilot crazy, only then, Pilot having looked back around, whether who sees his shame, in fact to growl on small not so that and it is good, Pilot growls the silent and low roar. And on Fanya he operates as a red cloth on the bull. Ur! You are able to growl! And if I'll cling to you on an ear? Ha-ha-ha!!!! Look, how it is cheerful! Then usually to the aid there comes mum. She brings to Fanya a toy and starts with her to play.
Fanya it is a lot of toys: different balls, teddy bears, hares. All of them peep, squall and go for a drive on a floor under shaggy paws and sharp teeth our small mischievous person. «One pleasure to give toys to ours Fanya!» - somehow has told Galya. Really, play with toys she can indefinitely.

On walk
Fanya likes to run about with us. She jumps, somersaults, has fun in a green grass. With interest she looks round on the sides. She learn the world is so interestingly! She is not afraid of nothing, neither a heavy dumper on road, nor the big dog running past, the loud music sounding from summer cafe. Certainly, we that in fact beside! She has somehow told: «I go forward, and my friends go with me!» I have thought: «Such little girl and such clever ideas!»
And still I have noticed, that
Fanya began to be interested in books, just as I'm in the childhood. With her I'll be engaged. And very soon you can read «imaginations from Fanya». At her it will turn out, she the girl capable.

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